Advanced Crop Care, Inc.

About Advanced Crop Care, Inc.

Advanced Crop Care Inc. is a prospering crop consulting and soil sampling company with offices located throughout Northern Illinois.

We at Advanced Crop Care Inc. are committed to providing high quality services, ranging from one-time recommendations to extensive consulting and soil sampling packages utilizing the latest technology. Our customer base is diverse including grain and livestock growers, as well as large chemical and fertilizer companies.

While Advanced Crop Care Inc. is involved in an industry that is continuously changing, our company structure can adapt to these changes quickly and efficiently. Our diverse knowledge and experience ensures that Advanced Crop Care Inc. is an intricate part of our customer’s operations.


Crop Scout

May 2020 - August 2020 Sterling, IL
“I enjoyed working outside everyday, instead of being in an office all day. I also loved meeting the farmers and creating a relationship with them. This internship also taught me a lot about the crop side of the Ag Industry that I had little knowledge of. My coworkers and boss were great people and I really enjoyed working with each of them. You really learn a lot in three months and you make a lot new resources that you can use later on. Overall, this internship was a great experience! ”

Crop Scout Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Sterling, IL
“Being able to work with skilled certified crop advisors while gaining the hands on experience to learn and identify field problems. I was able to make connections with what I learned in class to what I was learning while an intern, which made me enjoy it that much more. ”
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