Advanced Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Technician

May 2021 • Wichita, KS

What I liked

I love working as a Physical Therapy Technician at Advanced Physical Therapy! It has broadened my view of my future career, and to work behind the desk in the clinic. This opportunity has given me relationships with therapists that I feel comfortable enough with to ask for a recommendation letter, as well as getting to see how the clinic runs.

What I wish was different

Honestly nothing. I knew since high school that I wanted to be a Physical Therapist, and I knew that to stand out on the PTCAS application, that securing a Physical Therapy Technician job would greatly benefit me. I knew exactly what I signed up for and how it would benefit me.


APPLY!!! Networking opportunities, career insight, getting experience as the low man on the totem pole so that when you are a DPT, you will have respect for the techs and front desk people!
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