Agastya International Foundation

About Agastya International Foundation

Agastya International Foundation is a Bangalore based non-profit whose mission is “to spark curiosity, nurture creativity and instill confidence” in economically disadvantaged children and government schoolteachers. Agastya does this by bringing innovative hands-on science education and peer-to-peer learning to the doorstep of government schools and villages across India. The Agastya Foundation is one of India's leading educational development organizations. Through its offices in Bangalore and its rural campus in Kuppam, Agastya professionals develop curricula and teaching tools in the physical sciences and the arts.

Who makes up Agastya? Many individuals and groups working together have brought life to the original concept of Agastya. Through the dedication and generosity of others, we have managed to grow and develop into a successful, replicable model.



June 2018 - July 2018 Bangalore, Karnataka
“Being in a foreign country was incredible. I had the opportunity to interact with children and help teach English to them, which was very enjoyable. ”
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