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What qualities will recruiters from AGC Partners look for in their investment banking candidates?

Be sharp on your technical questions and make sure you know why you want to do investment banking and what particularly interests you about technology investment banking.
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Around how much does an investment banking analyst make working at AGC Partners?

Base salary at AGC Partners is $65K a year. A small holiday bonus comes around Christmas time and is usually a post-tax $3K, although historically only 1/2 of an analyst class will have lasted to that point. The rest of the bonus comes in the range of June through August, and is usually between $...
Investment Banking Compensation AGC Partners
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How would you describe to me a typical day as an investment banking analyst intern at AGC Partners?

Listen in on client calls; help analysts with various projects, including running market approaches (comparable company and transaction methods), helping with pitch book presentations, and researching M&A activity in various tech sectors.
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