Agencía de El Salvador para la Cooperación Internaciónal (ESCO)

Strategic Communications Specialist

May - July 2023 • San Salvador, San Salvador

What I liked

I really enjoyed getting to know my team, and how everyone helped each other out to get work done, instead of competing against each other. Also, being able to put my knowledge about this field in practice helped me to realized that I have the skills to be successful in a professional environment, as well as grow and learn about the different ways companies and countries manage marketing and communications at large.

What I wish was different

ESCO and ANDA were not great at coordinating events and field trips with us. They gave us a list of places we would visit, and different activities related to the company that we did not end up doing. Also, my experience was great, I had a lot of professional growth, but I know in other departments they did not give them structure about what to do or how.


If you are applying for the Communications Department or the Laboratory, go for it! We have really good experiences, however if it is customer service of energy efficiency you might want to think about it.
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