Akilah Institute

About Akilah Institute

The Akilah Institute, an accredited women’s college in Rwanda founded in 2010, attracts promising female leaders from East Africa for an innovative two-year program that prepares them for professional careers and leadership roles. Akilah provides market-relevant education using a competency based learning model and offers advanced diplomas in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, or Hospitality Management. With a unique focus on ethical leadership skills, public speaking, and community service, Akilah equips students with the lifelong knowledge required for personal and professional growth. Nearly 90% of alumnae launch their careers within six months of graduation and earn 12 times the national per capita income.

Akilah has plans to scale its model connecting women to the workforce. By 2031, Akilah will have established eight campuses and served 53,000 women. We seek motivated individuals that want to be a part of a rapidly expanding global team.


Development Operations

February 2020 - May 2020 Washington, DC
“I really enjoyed working with my team of 4 workers. They were all very helpful to me during my internship and made me feel at home in such a short amount of time. I enjoyed coming to work every Tuesday and Friday because I knew that the assignments and projects I was working on made a real impact and difference. I came into the organization knowing very little about how non-profit organizations worked, and over the three months of working with Akilah, I learned how they market themselves and do business. This experience was life-changing because I never thought that an office job would be so fulfilling. I am very grateful for the experience and recommend Akilah to any student who is looking for an internship position. ”
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