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Owner and Editor in Chief, Irene Albright, worked for years as stylist and consultant to some of the fashion world's most prominent magazines and photographers. Finding that other showrooms in the city couldn't satisfy her creative imagination, she opened her own. Using her superb eye and extensive connections in the industry, Albright went on to amass an unrivaled collection of high fashion both vintage, cutting-edge, and even prospective: the Albright Fashion Library has the upcoming season’s looks in stock before department stores do.

Working with some of the best—and most opinionated—talent in film, editorial fashion, advertising and theater, the Albright Fashion Library helps clients source inspired looks for photo shoots, films, performances or special events. On any given day in the showroom, fashion mavens from around the world examine dresses, evening gowns and accessories neatly organized first by designer, then category and color. The space delights the eye with rows of metallics, brilliant reds and fur accessories, wardrobes of jeweled accessories and handbags, and much more—but such an abundance of choices can be overwhelming, even for regulars. Enter Irene and her team.

They'll help editors who need to dress Hollywood's A-list or create a must-see editorial, collaborating on the kinds of looks that win awards and break new creative ground—without the obligations of studio services.

Providing unparalleled service is what the Library does best. Clients in London, Paris or beyond can send a mood board or other specs; Library staff will pull and photograph looks, and send pieces selected for shoots or events just about anywhere in the world.

Stylish professional women—on Wall Street as well as in publishing and the entertainment business—seek out Albright's expertise for their own red carpet occasions, or just for a special evening out. The Library team will dress day-of clients from head to toe in less than an hour.

And when they walk out, they’ll be ready to turn heads.



May 2019 - August 2019 Los Angeles, CA
“I got to learn a lot about the fashion industry in LA and help organize and maintain the showroom.”
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