Answer Engineering Inc.

About Answer Engineering Inc.

Answer Engineering is an aviation & aerospace engineering consulting firm. We provide design, development, and analysis services to aerospace companies throughout the world. Our core competencies revolve around new product development, structural design, analysis, and certification (CFR part 23, 25, 27, and 400). We tackle the most complex design and analysis issues plaguing our customers. Our primary mode of interface with our customers is to become integral members of their team; helping them make the hard decisions by providing them with the engineering and other technical results that their internal resources don’t know how to provide or don’t have the perspective to adequately use.

Answer Engineering is comprised of a talented group of individuals motivated by a combination of exciting engineering opportunities and lifestyle. On the engineering side, we have a front row seat in the development of the air and spacecraft of tomorrow. On the lifestyle front we promote learning, community, and freedom. Company discussions take place in the open where everyone may contribute freely and openly. There is no standard work day or hours of operation for which individuals are responsible for being in the office as employees are expected to manage themselves and their own schedules. We promote a casual work environment where collared shirts are accompanied by golf clubs and not company policy.


Engineering Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Englewood, CO
“Answer Engineering highly valued making sure I got what I wanted out of the internship. They checked in with me frequently to ensure I enjoyed my work and had the resources necessary to succeed. It was unique to have such focused attention on helping me learn and grow as an intern. Additionally, my supervisors constantly readjusted my schedule to ensure I had meaningful tasks to complete without overwhelming me. I also enjoyed the open culture at the office. Several of the employees, not just my supervisors, were happy to sit down with me to walk me through a question. ”
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