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"Apollo Hemp is the superior online source in South Carolina for legal Cannabis and Hemp Products. Natural, Organic, CBD and Hemp Products available for purchase including the world's first ever CBD Gumballs and CBD Gumball Machines."


Graphic Design Intern

April 2020 - April 2020 Conway, SC
“I did not have a great experience working with this company. It was very unorganized and they did not have a clear vision. The people were very friendly and nice. They were excited to work with me, so I thought. I had talked to them and they said they might not need a graphic designer anymore. Which was very confusing, since that's the position I applied for. They seemed to like my ideas, but all a sudden nobody answered me and I just got ignored. In other words, I got ghosted. So I was not with them for very long, hardly at all. If they were looking for something different, they should have been professional and reached out to me about it. Instead I got completely ignored. Overall, I would really not recommend being apart of this company. It is very young company, disorganized, and EXTREMELY unprofessional. I think they have potential, but they have A LOT to work on. ”
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