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Since its founding by DreamWorks alumnus Mike de Seve, Baboon has expanded to become one of the most accomplished animation screenwriting teams worldwide, with story editing and writing credits on dozens of the most popular animated films and series for families and teens.
Our services include: Story Editing, Animation Writing, Series Development, Executive Producing, Feature Film Consulting, International Versioning, Voice Casting and Directing.

Story development interns within Baboon work directly with the Creative Director, Mike de Seve, on pitches for animated TV series, films and web content. They also take perform various functions throughout the development process that include drafting notes during client or writers' meetings, conducting research on current/relevant animated programming, reviewing content, preparing dialogue for lip synch and coverage of scripts.

In addition, interns assist in a range of clerical duties, such as checking/responding to emails, scheduling meetings, drafting and paying invoices and other tasks at the discretion of the Creative Director and/pr other members of the creative team.



May 2018 - July 2018 New York City, NY
“The internship program is really a rich experience. Sure, there are office management tasks that take up part of your day, but there's a high degree of assisting the story team. Depending on the skills demonstrated in a live setting, we had been tasked to do everything from being the story assistant on brainstorms, organizing the story into beats, and shaping a draft of stories cooked up from what was brought up in the meeting.   The experience of running the meeting itself, taking charge to make sure every creative person on the call is accommodated, wired in and provided for, provides great experience on what it takes to participate in a professional level creative meeting, which I think is an invaluable skill. In other cases, interns were asked to generate photo "mood boards" to give animation designers a flavor of a given character based on which famous people they resemble, a sort of collage of influences the designer can draw from. In other cases, they've reviewed existing scripts to flag any lines that might play with a certain undesired tone -- we had one character in a series that was coming off too negative, so his worst lines had to be assessed and flagged for re-record. Cool creative challenges such as these were what made the program a great resource.”
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