Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. (DE)

About Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. (DE)

Back to Basics is a full-service education company serving schools, students, parents, agencies, and companies. We run Augustine Hills School, Delaware's only 1:1 approved 6-12 grade school. We offer translation of 30+ languages and interpretation both in-person and telephonically nationwide. We offer tutoring, test prep, and high-intensity tutoring due to COVID lag in education in over 40+ different subjects from pre-K to adults.

We also provide wrap-around services in special education to school districts, charter schools, and private schools as well as work with numerous state agencies. We provide ELL instructors, Reading & Math specialists, Homebound tutoring, Title 1, Special Education instructors, WIDA, ACCESS testing, Psycho-educational testing, and Speech and Language experts.
Whether you are working to help a struggling student in our school, in a public school, or in our tutoring center you will feel like you are making a difference and doing what you love to do.

At Back to Basics Learning you have the ability to teach the way you want and love to teach, at the child's pace. We offer flexible work schedules and never discriminate. This summer we have the privilege of working with the Delaware DOE in providing acceleration to learning high dosage tutoring to 2500 Delaware students. We will continue to provide high dosage tutoring during the school year with many of the Delaware schools. We are hiring for the summer, as well as for the school year right now.

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics has been in business for over 35 years and is a premier education service business. We are a trusted partner when it comes to providing the best instructors at a reasonable rate to parents, schools, and agencies. We have partnered with the AIM Institute to offer The Science of Reading, Pathway online program for instructors and with Tralient to offer sexual harassment training, diversity & inclusion training, as well as a host of other online easy and engaging training videos for every industry.



June 2021 Wilmington, DE
“I like that I get to work remotely and make my own work schedule.”
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