Baird Creek Preservation Foundation

About Baird Creek Preservation Foundation

The Baird Creek Greenway encompasses over 500 acres along a scenic, wooded stream valley on the east side of the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The portion of the Greenway under public ownership is currently contiguous from the East River to Huron Road, with approximately 100 acres of private inholdings. As an irreplaceable community asset, the Greenway provides a natural oasis within the urban fabric that is used for many recreational activities including hiking, jogging, bird watching, cross country skiing, and biking. The City of Green Bay is undergoing rapid development on its eastern boundary, creating both opportunities and challenges for Baird Creek. The Greenway is uniquely situated to provide hands-on environmental education and exploration for a rapidly growing population, as well as a passive recreational resource. However, increased foot and bike traffic, storm water runoff, and pressure from invasive species threaten to degrade the ecologically sensitive habitats and stream. In response, the BCPF has initiated an integrated restoration and invasive species management program.


Marketing intern

January 2021 - August 2021 Green Bay, WI
“The reason why I enjoyed Berry Creek was because it was a different task every day and it was focused on better educating the public. Being part of a non profit showed me how important it is to help out your local community and support one another.”
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