Balance Autism

About Balance Autism

Together, we unite science with imagination, evidence with creativity, and research with compassion - to bring balance to the lives of those we serve for family, for community, for life.

At Balance Autism we are:
Passionate for people and autism
Curious learners
Data driven

Right now, there are thousands of families who need your help. They need educators and caretakers who are as calm and as scientific as they are passionate about their work. They need heart and soul. They need analytic minds with a pervasive compassion for the human condition. At Balance Autism, we are looking for people who uphold the same values and are ready to jump into a career that touches the lives of children on a daily basis.

As a leading provider of ABA therapy for children in Iowa, we are looking for Behavior Technicians to join our family.
We are also looking for Children's Autism Associates to inspire personal growth, teach self-care, and social skills development along with practical lifelong skills.


Autism Associate

May 2019 Altoona, IA
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