Does Barclay's emphasize their values consistently?

Barclays prides itself on upholding its "RISES" values. RISES stands for Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship. Given my experience there, Barclays employees select those actions that will fulfill those values. I encountered an environment of in which employees respect one anot...
Investment Banking Values
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What were the highs and lows about your role at Barclays?

I enjoyed getting to learn about portfolios and asset allocation which was a very key part of the business. I did not like (particularly after I became proficient in my role) - that I was just working on a very select part of the business and I wanted to learn about the business as a whole so I ...
Investment Banking Pros and Cons Barclays
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From your experience, what makes for a great investment banking analyst?

There are a number of skills and qualities one must have in order to succeed in investment banking so I’ll start with a few. As a baseline, one must have a strong motor to work hard and the foresight to check your ego at the door with the understanding that this experience will not define you, un...
Investment Banking Barclays Skillset
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Do you recommend Barclays as a place to start off my career post-graduating?

Barclays is an ideal place to kickstart a career in this field. Not only will your manager give you real work that makes a tangible difference at the company but you will also have ample opportunities to network across the department and across the firm. My entire HR intern class from last summer...
Investment Banking Career Progression Barclays
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Has anyone interviewed with Barclay's before, and if so, do you have any tips for me?

For a technology analyst the interviewers are looking if the candidate has the basic technicals skills - Java, SQL etc. They are trying to find a good fit for the company, looking for the willing ness to work hard and ability to abide by the Barclays Values : R I S E S ( check the company website...
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What your relationship with upper management like at Barclays?

I absolutely loved my time as an intern at Barclays. I had the liberty of pinging almost anyone (Let’s not include the ‘C’ suite as I haven’t tried that) and set up a 15-20 Minutes call with them to know more about the business. If Barclays is still following the old program practices then this ...
Investment Banking Relationship with Upper Management Barclays
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Has anyone worked with the End User Technology (EUT) team at Barclays? What does a regular day look like?

The End User Technology team is a part of the IT department of the bank. It is a five-member team in charge of all computer hardware for all the branches of the bank in the country. a. The team performs internal audits of all computer hardware purchases by the bank and ensures that the locat...
Internet & Tech Day in the Life Barclays
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Is it common for interns to get full-time offers at Barclays?

In my experience, almost every intern gets/should get a full-time offer even if they do a decent job onsite (able to complete most of the milestones/tasks). By the time you'll complete your internship you'll have a great insight into the overall processes and business which shall make you a valua...
Internship Investment Banking Return Offer Barclays
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What does Barclay's company culture look like in a nutshell?

3) I found the investment banking culture to be very demanding in terms of the hours and commitment. If you are willing to prioritize the work above almost everything else, you will be in a good position to succeed. That is a commitment that some people are willing to make and others are not, its...
Investment Banking Company Culture Barclays
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I'm not sure if a Relationship Manager is the same as a Branch Manager. Can someone tell me more about this position?

A Relationship Manager in Barclays Bank is the main point of contact between the Bank and the client. A relationship manager can be a premier relationship manager, who deals with high value personal clients with a certain net value/income/assets under management. They can also be a Corporate/Busi...
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I'm wondering if Barclays will offer a mentorship program, especially for interns. Any leads?

Yes! It has a Senior and junior mentorship program. Senior mentor is usually at a director or above level. Junior mentor is usually 2-3 years out of college and there to answer any questions about starting there full time right out of school.
Internship Investment Banking Mentor Barclays
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How is the company culture at Barclays?

· It was a fast paced environment that required you to be on the top of your game every day. · The targets were high but this makes you strive to improve and be better at what you do. · The people are all friendly, helpful, and willing to take up new ideas · It is ...
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What impact will my role as a Customer Advisor have on Barclays?

The Bank's mission is to help people achieve their ambitions in the right way in order to prosper and the Bank's ambition is to be the 'go-to' bank for all its stakeholder communities. Being a Customer Advisor embodies this every day since the primary role was to advise clients on products and se...
Investment Banking Company Mission
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Will I have 100% ownership over my work at Barclays?

You would have significant ownership over your work. I worked on many projects largely on my own, except for when I sought out guidance from my superiors. At the same time, Barclays is very team-oriented, which in my mind is a benefit. This means that you will have some projects that you will own...
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