About Bareburger

The Bareburger Mission is our North Star: our guiding light. That which helps guide us in a direction towards being extraordinary. In 2009 we had a very simple vision: let’s create the tastiest burger using local, organic, all natural & sustainable ingredients whenever possible. With that in mind, we opened a small restaurant in our hometown of Queens, NYC. We made a promise to offer our guests quality service that made them feel at home. Years later, we’re honored to serve clean food to our communities around the globe.

Our greatest strength has always been creating a menu with choices that feel good for everyone. Thank you to all the partners, farmers, producers and distributors that we proudly call friends & family. We source mindfully, with our farmers, our environment and our guests in mind at all times. We will always look to the future of food and plant-based proteins which are undoubtedly at the forefront of sustainability. Our menu has plenty of plant-based options and is more delicious than ever. What we eat is who we are, and at Bareburger, we celebrate everyone.



November 2016 Ridgefield, CT
“I still work at Bareburger and thoroughly enjoy it. ”
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