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About Barnard Construction

People building for People.

That's what we do at Barnard. Whether we're raising a dam in Alaska, constructing a reservoir in Florida, tunneling under downtown San Francisco, redirecting a river while building a complex hydropower plant in northern Manitoba, or strengthening and improving the integrity of a natural gas pipeline in Sacramento suburb, our people arrive at our projects with a determination to do the best for their communities and be the best in the industry.

Our work also encompasses power transmission, marine, water and sewer pipeline, and environmental construction. Most often our projects include several of these elements. They always present a challenge. They affect our neighbors as well as our families. We live where we work, so we come to know our projects personally. We build for People.



May 2020 - July 2020 Redwood City, CA
“The company has a great culture and they truly want to teach there interns and set them up for success. I was brought into a whole new side of construction that i have never seen before. They answered all my questions and would not just tell me, they would show me each part and explain it. The were a great group of people to work with. ”
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