Baton Rouge Rougarou

About Baton Rouge Rougarou

The Baton Rouge Rougarou is a minor league collegiate baseball team that started in 2019 and is running strong into the 2022 season. The Rougarou play in the Texas Collegiate League, which is an all wood bat summer league that hosts talented college players from all over the United States.

Ronnie Rantz, owner of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, is excited to begin his first season as the new owner. We are excited to be able to introduce young students that are interested in the sports industry a first hand experience of what it takes to run a sports franchise.


Director of Broadcasting

May 2021 - July 2021 College Station, TX
“Cool location, other interns were extremely friendly and there was a good bond in the office, excellent real-world applications for problem solving and making important decisions on the fly. Also, free housing!”
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