Bauer Publishing

Editorial Intern

June 2019 • Englewood Cliffs, NJ

What I liked

I like that I have been given the opportunity to assist the staff on various projects. I loved having the chance to write my own feature and have it published. Of course the team had to revise it to fit the structure and tone of their magazine, but it was still published with my name, which was a very cool and proud moment. They want you to succeed and you will be challenged by writing about things that you may have no prior knowledge on.

What I wish was different

There isn't much that I could say. I understand that the position is only an internship so I can't and don't expect to be given work that is beyond by credentials. But if I had to say, I wish their were more "real-life" obligations and assignments because I feel it would better prepare oneself when taking on a higher (full-time) position.


At this internship I have learned that it is important to always take notes, even for things you wouldn't think of. Keeping records of things you've worked on is important. You want to show that you are on the ball, organized and reliable.
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