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About BCDM Architects

We believe that the most important thing in life is each other. That the environments we live in shape the people we become and the things we achieve. We understand that a vision for the future requires a foundation of unwavering values to guide us along the way. BCDM Architects has been around for over 40 years because of our passion for design and our dedication to the individual and community for which we design.

The heart of the firm lies in the studio, a collaborative environment of 28 design professionals consisting of architects, interior designers, and structural engineers. Our staff is engaged and invested in what they do as the majority are shareholders in the company. The studio fosters a culture of learning and creativity that inspires new perspectives and solutions in solving design challenges.


Architectural Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Omaha, NE
“I enjoyed the collaborative style in which this internship was carried out. I felt like I was heard and taken seriously which is not particularly common within design internships. I also really appreciated how much the people genuinely cared about their work. ”

Construction Services Intern

May 2019 Omaha, NE
“The atmosphere and staff were extremely welcoming. A lot of the younger staff became friends and spent time together outside of work ”
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