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Big City Volleyball is the #1 source for everything volleyball. We are a team of volleyball lovers we call our family. For 20+ years we have been driven by the passion of granting the best sports experience through the sport that we love to adults and youth, indoor and beach, alike. Beyond offering leagues, tournaments, camps, classes, clubs, open play and much more, we build and strengthen the volleyball community. We are proud of being a diverse and inclusive company and community, open to feedback and welcoming new ideas and challenges. Based in NYC, we are excited about the new challenges and chapters ahead of us.


Sports Coach

July 2023 - August 2023 New York City, NY
“I absolutely loved my experience working as a Summer Volleyball Camp Coach, and the connection I have made with Big City Volleyball is one i plan to return to whenever I am at home. Coaching brightened my day; to be able to work with youth and navigate their progress in the sport of volleyball - seeing their "lightbulb" moment when they finally succeed at something that they have been working on for so long - is an incredibly gratifying feeling. I also became more aware of how I was a role model to them, and how our interactions off the court were just as important - possibly even more important, in some aspects - than our interactions on the court. These were young kids, ages 10-16, so there was a lot of learning they still had to do, about sport and life. Being able to be part of that journey, seeing everyone's unique personality and figuring out how to make the sport I love just as enjoyable to them, was something that reaffirmed my love for the sport as well. I also loved having the creative reign to construct my own camp schedules; it allowed me to develop and test certain methods of training and teaching that I have learned, effectively putting my understanding of metacognition to practice. Coaching also helped me remember my own technical necessities, and as a college athlete, that is paramount to my success in games and practices. I have such a deeper and more repetitive understanding of the sport now, because I spent so much time verbalizing the technical aspects that have made me successful, which has inevitably drilled them into my head and helped me maintain a high level of technical sounding in the sport of beach volleyball.”
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