Big Papas LLC

About Big Papas LLC

Local food truck built on a lean-startup model and hands-on entrepreneurial learning. We started as students wanting to apply learning outside the classroom. Now we want to give others the same opportunity.

We sell gourmet French Fries that are fresh-cut and seasoned to order at local events. We experiment with new products and try new strategies regularly to find ways to increase capacity, make the work easier, and help the company become more successful. As we get closer to perfecting what we do, we hope to open new locations in future years.


Food truck manager

May 2019 Rexburg, ID
“The owners are awesome! They created a great work environment! ”


September 2017 Rexburg, ID
“I really liked working for myself and with my partner. We were able to go to many events and meet new people. ”
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