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At Black & Veatch we believe that our people are invaluable, and we put them at the center of everything we do. Being an employee-owned company means our people are Black & Veatch. Here you are empowered to grow and explore new possibilities at every step of your career journey. Our excellence is natured by the trust we have in each other and provide a hybrid environment to best support your personal and professional success.

Here you get to lend your talent and perspective to humanity’s biggest challenges. For more than 100 years, we have been committed to delivering great work, doing what it takes to succeed, and sharing in the benefits of that success. We bring our strengths, do our best, have pride in our work, and genuinely make the world better.

We own careers with purpose and meaning. We own our company and our future. Together, we own our shared success.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Overland Park, KS
“I loved the culture throughout the company. Everyone was approachable and would happily answer any questions I had (I had a lot as an intern). I got to attend weekly client calls and see the end result of the work my group was doing which was really cool! My group and the company as a whole made it a big priority to hold social and networking activities for team bonding and for the interns to meet people. B&V is a massive company, but my fellow interns and I got to sit in a room with the CEO and several other high-up executives and ask them questions, which was a really cool opportunity and made everyone feel a lot more approachable.”

Electrical Engineer

May 2022 Denver, CO
“This is one of the places which has a great work culture and the work-life balance was really good. The system at Black & Veatch is designed in a way that every person always has someone to help even if it's not from your division. The people who work here are passionate about what they do and they are willing to come forward to teach you even in their busy schedules. The amount of knowledge I have gained here is vast and all the supervisors and fast start sponsors are very well experienced in their work and always there to clear even your smallest doubts. The HR and college relations team is one of the best I have ever experienced, They are always there to help you with whatever doubts you have. They are always consistent and arranged virtual site tours for virtual interns and made us realize what it feels to be like on-site. The sheer number of projects and how they handle each of the projects were outstanding. The attention to detail in every project they do and the R&D phase stunned me with all the brainstorming before the project starts.”
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Tell me, what did you like and dislike about the Electrical Engineering Technical internship at Black & Veatch.

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