Bliss in a Bottle

About Bliss in a Bottle

Bliss in a Bottle was founded and created by Cheryl Sher, prior owner of Sher Bliss Chocolate and Wine. Through her growing 15 year knowledge of chocolate and wine, Cheryl was inspired to present her chocolate and wine pairings in the best way she could offer: putting the chocolate on the bottle!

With every wine selection she’s sourced through her traveling, there’s a flavor combination to enhance the drinking experience of each bottle. Each pairing is designed to send bursts of different tastes (we like to call these “taste explosions”!) to your taste buds sending you on a journey of the different sources of the wine. It helps you imagine the wine’s story, from the picking of the grape to the corking of the bottle.

In November 2014, she further brought her vision alive by opening an additional retail location, Bliss in a Bottle, in the form of a kiosk inside the Polaris Fashion Mall, located 15 miles north of Downtown Columbus, Ohio. After a very busy Christmas season, the Bliss in a Bottle kiosk further became well received continuing into the year, even receiving local media recognition. This led Cheryl to the decision to retire her Sher Bliss store to shift focus onto her ongoing success with Bliss in a Bottle.

Since then, the website has launched to result in giving customers across the country the availability to purchase one of Bliss in a Bottle’s pairings to indulge themselves, or giving a loved one a one way ticket to join in on the adventure.
Bliss in a Bottle is currently opening new stores throughout the state of Ohio.


Marketing Intern

July 2019 - August 2019 Tysons Corner, VA
“the marketing aspect of sharing this new idea with others”
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