Blue Medora

About Blue Medora

Blue Medora creates one-of-a-kind software that extends the visibility of industry-leading Cloud System Management and Application Performance Management solutions. When integrated, every element of your IT ecosystem unites into one comprehensive solution. This enables IT teams to visualize every platform, every system, every aspect, all the time.

At Blue Medora we create tools for monitoring and managing enterprise hardware and applications. Our developers, QA, and IT collaborate within an Agile framework, but we're not dogmatic about it. We have venture funding, but we have personal lives, too. We also encourage and set aside time for developers to create tooling and applications to improve our workflows.


Product Management Intern

May 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“In addition to being primarily educational, I actually was able to contribute in a significant way to Blue Medora, including programmatically consolidating a few disparate tools the the Product Team was using, as well as writing user stories for a product that actually got built. In addition, it is a fun workplace where people joke around with each other and have lots of conversations unrelated to work. I have made a few friends, including my immediate boss/mentor.”

Software Engineering Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“The job was very flexible and working in a medium sized start up allowed me to work directly on the main product with the other engineers. ”
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