Bluemount Inc

About Bluemount Inc

Bluemount specializes in an exclusive part of the marketing industry:

Outsourced and Personal Marketing. Instead of functioning as an all-inclusive service, we have narrowed in on our strengths to attract larger corporations in all different industries as clients. Our clients trust us to do their customer acquisitions and retentions, rather than using their own internal sales forces. This allows them to focus on their strengths, while we drive industry-leading organizations to stay ahead of their competition. Bluemount promotes creating long lasting relationships with our clients by representing them with the highest standards of integrity and continuously bringing in high-value customers.



May 2019 - August 2019 Lombard, IL
“I liked how much I learned through this internship. I got lots of experience that I wouldn't otherwise get like learning how to train others, time management skills, understanding the behind the scenes of running a business and being a manager. ”

Marketing Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Lombard, IL
“I liked the laid back office culture. I also enjoyed working with fellow interns majority of the time and the managers who oversaw our work were very knowledgable. I learned a lot from office the culture and more about marketing techniques. ”
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