Boardwalk Pipelines, LP

About Boardwalk Pipelines, LP

Boardwalk is a limited partnership operating in the midstream portion of the natural gas and natural gas liquids industry, providing transportation and storage services for our customers.


Hard Labor

May 2018 - July 2018 Boling-Iago, TX
“I worked through the effects and implementation of a design. This experience gave me a unique point of view of the design process, and, more specifically, its consequences. Just because a design can be drawn in a computer doesn't mean it can be made in the real world, and if it can, there are always issues to resolve that I had never really thought about. We, as engineering students, learn that certain soils need to have foundations at a specific depth and locations depending on their characteristics. What we don't plug into that equation is if the soil in question can be dug up quickly by shovels in case emergency maintenance has to be done.”
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