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Boise Centre is Idaho’s premier convention center facility with over 80,000 sq. ft. of exhibition and meeting space. Boise Centre was created to generate local economic benefit. Providing the highest level of quality services with the utmost consideration to its clients, guests, and employees while preserving the asset they have been given the responsibility to operate. Located in the heart of downtown, Boise Centre is located in a convenient area for employees!

Our Culture- WOWgistics:
WOWgistics is a culmination of what the Boise Centre experience is, not only guests, but for the employees as well. This is a combination of WOW and Logistics, we all have a common goal!

Our Core Values
-Integrity is essential to our success.
-Demonstrating pride and professionalism brings excellence to our work.
-Trust, respect and accountability are critical to strong relationships and superior teamwork.
-Combining consistent quality with flexibility differentiates our service from others.
-Mixing passion, collaboration and creativity results in service excellence


Human Resources Intern

May 2019 Boise, ID
“They made sure I was included and gave me the reasoning behind each task that I did.”


March 2019 Boise, ID
“All my friends at the job and the food”
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