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About Boost Biomes

Boost Biomes uses the powerful social networks among microbes to provide novel, sustainable solutions to feed and heal people everywhere. Our technology differentiator is the development of a causal understanding of microbial interactions powerful enough to allow the rational construction of designer functional consortia.
Our first products seek to reduce the enormous waste in agriculture due to crop loss to fungal pests in the field and post-harvest. There is significant need for new biological, organic, safe biopesticides for crops; current chemical products have many challenges, such as regulatory burden for growers and safety concerns of consumers.
Harnessing the power of microbiomes will be imperative to a sustainable future. Boost’s core technology is a proprietary discovery platform that uses high throughput sequencing, selective enrichment and advanced informatics to identify microbial products with important commercial roles. Boost is uniquely positioned at the leading edge of a quickly expanding field looking to tap into the value offered by understanding and engineering microbiomes.
Boost announced seed funding and was part of competitively selective Illumina and Thrive Accelerators and the Plug and Play Food and Beverage Program. The company operates at JLabs in South San Francisco, the heart of west coast biotech. Boost has a deeply experienced founding team, and licensed IP protecting the platform.


Research and Development Intern

June 2019 - October 2019 South San Francisco, CA
“Boost is incredible. The company culture is absolutely lovely, and as an intern you're in the lab as a scientist, working on a promising product. The amount of responsibility my supervisors gave me was great.”
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