About Bowser-Morner

Whether you are an owner, designer, contractor, producer, or manufacturer, you need trusted partners and reliable guidance to help you manage risks, develop solutions, maintain quality, and get your products and services to market fast. Bowser-Morner offers a diverse and collaborative team of consulting engineers, material scientists, and technical experts who can deliver reliable data and actionable pragmatic recommendations regarding the materials you use to drive your business’s success.


Field Services Co-Op

May 2022 - July 2022 Huber Heights, OH
“Working as a field tech gave me the opportunity to work independently and be able to gain confidence in working with many people for short periods of time. I also liked the formulaic actions (following the ACI standards) as it allows one to learn the proper actions without fear of messing something up since it is a known formula. I also enjoyed the people I worked with, while many sites are one man shows, there are also plenty of larger projects or pours that become easier with multiple people to work at and even coring projects that require at least 2 people to work at for safety concerns”
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