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About Brag House Inc.

Brag House is the premier esports platform for the nonprofessional college gamers and their communities! We bring in the excitement of college rivalries into the gaming world where gamers, streamers and fans can connect, complete, place brags (stat-based game predictions) & win prizes!

Esports draws nearly 600 Million viewers annually for the same reasons people like watching their favorite football team. They want to watch their favorite gamers battle it out, with a little friendly banter mixed in. Yet, only the top 3-5% of gamers participate in esports tournaments. The non-professional gamers, and everyone else, are just spectators without a home.

This is exactly what Brag House solves! We created a revolutionary new one-stop platform that integrates and enhances the gamer and fan experience for the esports universe. Fueled by the fanaticism of the collegiate community, Brag House produces competitive play for passionate, casual gamers and is the only one to offer both a fan and gamer experience focused exclusively on the college market. Users, or Braggers, can also create or join Brags (risk-free predictions) and when predicted correctly, climb up the leaderboard and win prizes!

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Digital Marketing Intern

March 2020 Blacksburg, VA
“I loved the hands on activities and events we had as a company. The founders are AWESOME. They are very transparent and fun to be around. You are joining a family by becoming an intern and I love that about the internship. We all are collaborating from across the nation to help grow the company.”

Live Stream Broadcast Intern

March 2021 - December 2021 Victoria
“Firstly, the team. The camaraderie and team at Brag House is absolutely brilliant--from my managers, to my fellow interns, all the way up to CEO Lavell, they're all passionate, hardworking individuals who want not only the best from you, but the best for you. They're always there when you need them for advice, mentor-ship, or even just a friendly chat on a weekend evening. The hours are flexible-- it's a deadline-oriented scheduling system, so as long as you're able to finish all your work on time, its open as to when you work on it. The work is challenging, but rewarding, and definitely promotes learning new skills! I can recount times where I was asked to do things that I didn't necessarily have experience with or even now how to do, and without fail my teammates were always there to lend a hand and point me to the right resources to help me efficiently develop those skills to a professional standard. ”
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