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About Brain Boost Academy

About Brain Boost Academy

Brain Boost Academy is a transdisciplinary learning center that uses a neuro-developmental model to target the root cognitive deficits that contribute to challenges in: attention, memory, comprehension, motor coordination, reading, communication, sensory processing, and behavior–––in people with no diagnosis, as well as with diagnoses such as: ADHD, dyslexia, autism, traumatic brain injury, etc.

We use a battery of standardized, criterion-referenced and supplementary testing, and we design personalized deficit-specific programs drawing from an extensive evidence-based curriculum in each area of need.

We are considered “early adopters”, working with curriculum writers, providing feedback on practical implementation of their curriculum, and beta-testing new programs, which follow best practices with the integration of current brain research.

Each student’s program has built-in data-monitoring and fidelity checks, which ensure continuous progress. In addition, we use pre- and post-testing, parent/teacher feedback through questionnaires & spontaneous feedback, and objective and narrative progress tracking to ensure student improvement over time.

Brain Boost Academy is best considered an “integrative brain training center,” and while the field is too new for a governing body, we (and the families we serve) hold ourselves to the highest standards to produce real results in our students lives––and we dream of the day that all learning and “brain training centers” are held to the same standard.

Our company was built by people who are comfortable with teamwork, autonomy, and accountability, and who are also skilled at decision-making and relish hard work with a mix of fun! Our culture is well-suited for exceptional people who want to learn professional therapeutic skills, while they make a difference in the lives of people (especially children).

We invite only the cream of the crop into our Therapeutic Learning Coach (TLC) Training & Development Program. We seek quality over quantity, take raw potential and cultivate it, and look for brainpower and willpower. If you have drive and imagination, if you set high expectations and have the determination to exceed them, then please view current openings at Brain Boost Academy.

How many companies do you know that actively look for employees unproven in the work world, like undergraduates and recent college graduates? Companies that believe it’s worth hiring passion and logic, instead of pedigree, and invest substantial time and money in people with limited experience, because they’re sure those people are destined toward making an impact with their clients and their mission to help others? We have a proven training system that leads every new Therapeutic Learning Coach (TLC) toward successfully working independently to help our clients achieve more.

We understand that finding top-tier professional entry-level jobs for college undergraduates don’t come around often. You know you’re smart, talented, dynamic, resourceful, and will someday be running the world. We know we can offer you the world…or, more specifically, one corner of it where you’ll have the opportunity to make independent decisions working one-to-one with our students…and succeed beyond any measure you’ve probably hoped for – but wouldn’t expect – even before you are out of college.

This is an opportunity to get one of the best jobs for Cal Poly undergraduates! You’ll be hands-on every day with clients, programs, and a dedicated team of experts. You’ll be presented with opportunities and challenges, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve in both personal and professional growth as a Therapeutic Learning Coach (TLC).

Brain Boost Academy is a growing company that values quality (for our employees and our clients) over fast expansion. We offer career-growth and promote from within, which means that there may be opportunity to take on new projects, do research, train in our leadership program, and expand your position and our mission beyond graduation for a gap-year or longer.

For those that decide to transition into graduate/PhD programs, credential programs, etc., you can be assured that the top-notch training and experience you will have received (working hundreds of hours at Brain Boost Academy), will put you head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest for any service-based higher-educational program or employment you aspire to. Our TLCs consistently get accepted into top higher-education programs due to their training, experience gained, and the strong personalized letters of recommendation that we write to support their future goals. We know that we are helping to make the world a better place (beyond the difference we are making for our clients) because we are sending our TLCs out into the world with the knowledge and experience they have gained with us, and they will continue to utilize their trained skills within their chosen field and continue to help others in the most dynamic ways.

Brain Boost Academy’s Therapeutic Learning Coach (TLC) Training & Development Program offers you the rare potential and privilege to take your entry-level position to a higher level by putting you on a therapeutic and leadership path immediately. We see your potential and will do everything possible to cultivate it.

Apply to our open positions and start your career journey today!

Brain Boost Academy CHANGES LIVES by evaluating and treating children, teens and adults with weak attention, cognitive skills, sensory, motor and communication disorders, in a positive and supportive environment. Our staff is trained in normal (and abnormal) sensory, motor, communication, and processing skills, as well as being trained in our programs that individually address each student's root problem by building new neuropathways in the brain.

Our supportive culture values mutual-respect, independence, team-support, and excellent customer service & results. We empower our new employees with training that includes: functional information, strategies, skills and techniques. We support you the whole way through so that you will feel successful. It truly is an AMAZING start to your career! Our CP employees tell us that it has been the BEST learning experience, that they LOVE the "work" and they ESPECIALLY LOVE seeing the changes and successes in our students! If that sounds exciting to you, then you should apply!

We provide evaluations and one-to-one interventions to help those with the following challenges:
Speech & Language, Sensory processing, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, Dyslexia, Behavior, Visual & Auditory Processing, Memory & Logic & Reasoning, Undiagnosed learning problems, Executive function & poor organization, Motor-planning & sequencing, Neurodevelopmental Delays, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Homework challenges, When tutoring isn't bridging the gap, Confidence & self-esteem issues and Parent support.

We offer over 100+ hours of direct training, along with many more hours of indirect observation and practice. Training is paid. Because we invest so much time and money into training our staff, it is critical that only SERIOUS applicants apply. Many of our CP students have also made their job their internship with their professor's approval.

We work in a modern, warm and inviting 2300 s.f. office ( in a shopping center filled with other service-based) professionals.

Apply to our open positions and start your career journey today! ***See criteria list above


Therapeutic Learning Coach

April 2021 - March 2022 Arroyo Grande, CA

Therapeutic Learning Coach

April 2021 - February 2022 Arroyo Grande, CA
“My experience at BBA has been filled with so much growth and learning. I have enjoyed working with students one-on-one and providing a space for them to feel seen and heard and grow to their fullest potential. Being apart of the process that allows them to succeed and fully express themselves and seeing their progress is so fulfilling! Through the training I received here, I have learned how to take in information and apply it to each unique situation, how to be mentally flexible, how to ask the right questions, and how to communicate and work effectively with others. I have also gained so much confidence in my own abilities. Everyone at BBA is so nice and fun to work with. It is such a positive environment to work in that facilitates your growth and success for the students. ”
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