Braintree Payments

About Braintree Payments

Braintree builds products that make payments easier—so easy that they fade into the background, making entirely new kinds of interactions possible. Interactions like seamlessly paying for your ride share -- or the condo you rented this weekend -- without presenting a card or pressing a button, or buying a lamp on Pinterest...right from Pinterest. The Braintree full-stack payment platform lets companies build their own experiences and then scale their businesses around the globe. We're known for our technology but we're also known for our support, with internal risk and underwriting, account management and technical support teams who ensure a frictionless payments experience.

Acquired by PayPal in 2013, Braintree is now in an even greater position to change the way people pay. Headquartered in Chicago, Braintree has offices in San Francisco, New York, Sydney, London with employees stationed around the world.


Software Engineering Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 San Francisco, CA
“My internship with Braintree was excellent in pretty much every way. It was a great way to see what it would be like to work for a tech company full time after graduation; some of the highlights were living in a tech city (SF), great work life balance, interesting software engineering problems to solve, and a pair-programming environment that allowed me to work closely with full-time engineers on real projects that actually made a difference even after I left. Braintree was also a good place to work as a woman and a queer person—while there is progress to be made in diversity/inclusivity in the company and the tech industry in general, Braintree is definitely tackling these issues head-on, and I had the chance to meet a lot of peers and mentors with identities and experiences similar to mine.”
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