Braintrust Behavioral Health, LLC

About Braintrust Behavioral Health, LLC

We are an independent provider focused on supporting children, families, and adults with behavioral change. Through targeted intervention strategies and supportive counseling, we seek to reduce negative behavior and increase positive behavior. Some of our services include early intervention for families and children with autism, family support and training for those experiencing behavioral challenges or adaptive behavior skills deficits with their child(ren), and much more!


Applie Behavior Analysis Technician

May 2018 Kalamazoo, MI
“I have enjoyed leaving work feeling that I was able to do a successful job and make a difference in a kiddo's life. I felt supported by my team, and although there have many instances when I had questions (especially in the beginning) I was able to get answers to these from other tech's or supervisors. I liked that I now feel more comfortable implementing therapy, which I will be able to use in my career as an SLP, and this experience has given me so many tools necessary to work and implement therapy with kids in the future! ”
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