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About Brandywine Photonics

Brandywine Photonics is seeking Electro-Optical engineering candidates to join our team in “Saving Lives and Homes through Better Weather Data”. Brandywine technical staff are leading experts in electro-optical airborne and space payloads, with growing contracts from Air Force Research Labs, Naval Research Labs, NASA Goddard, NASA Ames, and Prime contractors. Our expertise covers the full spectral range from UV to Very Longwave Infrared, in the fields of custom FPA development, reflective and refractive optical design, optical system engineering, test software, space electronics, and aerospace systems integration. Brandywine motto is “Fast to Fly”, leading development of lower cost, rapidly developed EO/IR space payloads.


Electrical Engineering Intern

August 2019 - December 2019 Exton, PA
“Had my own personal project to do as well as helping and supporting various other projects. Got a chance to visit NASA Goddard and check out the inside of some of their clean rooms. ”

Physics Intern

April 2019 - September 2019 Exton, PA
“I learned a lot about Optics and coding and found joy in accomplishing large tasks. The company was good at helping me and expecting quality work from me. I got to visit nasa, Lockheed Martin, and Boston to present products I had created while there. ”
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