Brattain Sports Performance

About Brattain Sports Performance

Brattain Sports Performance, BSP, is a training facility for athletes and adults alike. We work with athletes from 9 years of age through collegiate and professionals ranks. Our program takes each individual through a thorough movement assessment prior to the design and implementation of training. BSP works with athletes in small and large group settings. Through our work we serve multiple schools, clubs and organizations in the New Orleans area.


Student Intern

February 2021 - May 2021 Harahan, LA
“What I like about Brattain Sports Performance Internship Program is that you learn a lot. It's not just a place you come to and stand around and observe. Interns get hands on experience and information that is useful in the real world. It's a place that really forces you to know your stuff, which is incredibly important in this industry. They have a solid team and are all extremely knowledgeable. In addition to all the information that you will ascertain from this program, BSP is a family oriented, caring and friendly environment that is full of so many amazing people! ”

Intern Performance Coach

January 2019 - May 2019 River Ridge, LA
“I absolutely loved my internship with Brattain Sports Performance! From day one I felt like I was a part of the BSP team. I was introduced to the internship program in January of my senior year completing about 30 hours each week. During these hours we observed training (eventually coached), learned all the progressions and exercises that makeup each program and had a topic of continuing education to focus on each week. This internship program allowed us to grow as coach and develop within the field. It pushed us to ask questions and problem solve. I learned so much from the coaches and I also learned a lot about myself, meaning what coach I want to become. And not to mention, the environment this gym creates! It has a great family atmosphere, where a middle school girl can train all the way up to a football pro guy to an elderly person. BSP creates individualized programs to fit everyone. Who wouldn't wan to be a part of something like this, while learning so much within this field?”
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