Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

About Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner (BL&D) creates collective culture by building unique, diverse ventures that bring people together authentically. We leverage the assets of the Connecticut region to bring the best of the community forward to offer to our in-house ventures and the projects of our partners and clients. Hartford, like many cities, is receiving revived interest from Government investors that will change the city. Breakfast Lunch & Dinner positions our work to make sure everyone is a part of that revival.


Marketing Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Hartford, CT
“I loved working with Jeff D. He was a great boss who can be informal and formal at the same time. This made for a happy work environment for the other interns and I. He also always had a project for us to work on, being kept busy was nice especially over the summer. ”
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