Brightview Senior Living

About Brightview Senior Living

We are an assisted living community of more than 90 residents and more than 80 associates located in Arlington. We believe that happy associates make happy residents. one way we achieve this is by creating a vibrant community for all who live here. Residents, their families and friends, our associates (staff members), visitors all bring vibrancy to our community. Our residents include all levels of independence, including some who require memory care. Our associates include nurses, Resident Assistants (CNAs and CHHAs), Servers, Cooks, Housekeepers, and Vibrant Living Associates (Activities Assistants) among others, as well as Volunteers.
We are accessible by bus from Harvard Square and Alewife and we are walking distance from Massachusetts Avenue.



July 2023 Annapolis, MD
“Everyone was so nice. It was a real community. ”


June 2018 Rockville, MD
“Interacting with the residents”
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