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About Broken Icon Comics

I wish there was some profound purpose or divine interaction that led to the creation of Broken Icon in 2009, but there really isn’t. The truth is there was a local creator get together at a taco place my wife liked and she was pregnant. I know right! My pregnant wife dragged me to a taco joint where I met my future partner, actually she met him and then told me to talk to him, but hey a friendship was kindled and a company born. And a baby, but that came later.

So, thank you pregnant urges. Without you none of this is possible.

From those humble beginnings we have shaped Broken Icon Comics in to a pretty amazing independent comic publisher. Our mission was simple: bring books that break every barrier, take no prisoners and make you question whether you should actually print that. We are all about gripping and edgy work that sparks creative thought into anyone who reads them.

We have a niche with horror titles with deep characters and rad beasties from cover to cover. But we have recently seen an increase in science fiction, crime noir and supernaturalesque titles. What can I say, we like to be different.

We can be found in the digital world with DRIVETHRU and COMIXOLOGY as well as the print world via AMAZON, BARNES and NOBLES and our own STORE. You can even check out our upcoming schedule on the CONVENTION circuit and grab swag that way.


Comic Artist

August 2018 Rochester, NY
“Highly self motivated work schedule and environment. All of my work was centric to personal projects and self-directed.”
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