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We will train you to work on our Call Center system. We provide Remote Receptionist service to clients anywhere in North America from our Call Center in Downtown Salem. Here’s how we work for our clients: When someone calls our clients and they’re out of the office the call is immediately transferred to one of our professional telephone representatives. All the information about the client instantly appears on your computer screen. Exactly how to answer, what information to take, what information to give out, a description of the business, what an emergency/urgent call is and what to do when an emergency occurs.

We want you to be part of our highly trained, efficient personnel…our goal is to portray the image of a private Telephone Receptionist to our clients. We type all messages into our computer system. It’s important that you type at least 30 Words per minute. Another important aspect of the Job is attendance…we don’t hire people who are regularly sick or late for work. Being Punctual is very important

During the training period you’ll earn $12 per hour. After you’re initial training, which takes 4 weeks you’ll earn $15 per hour. As your experience and ability increases you’ll earn even more. 2017 International award winner for outstanding service.


Telephone Answering Service Operator

May 2018 Salem, OR
“The pay! Once you get acclimated to things so that you feel at ease, the pay is really very good and fair. Sundays were more fun than weekdays to me, so far as what you're doing -- more calling out and you feel more like you're actually "helping" people (which, you are!). Most of the doctors, nurses, vets, and other professionals you call out to, you kind of "get to know", just a little. The job is really pretty good once you become acclimated. It can become a little repetitive at times, and there are some slow times, but when it's super-busy it's pretty fun. When there was an error with my check they fixed it immediately!”
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