Buttonwoods Museum

About Buttonwoods Museum

The Buttonwoods Museum is named for the Buttonwoods or sycamore trees planted on the property in the early 1740’s by Haverhill’s first Irish immigrant, Hugh Tallent. Mr. Tallent worked for the Saltonstall family, who once owned the property. In 1814, the Duncan family, prosperous merchants, built a fine example of a rural Federal style mansion on the site. Mary Duncan Harris gave “The Buttonwoods” to the Haverhill Historical Society in 1903 and the Museum opened in 1904. The Buttonwoods Museum houses furniture, ceramics, glassware, quilts, dolls and toys. A visit to the Duncan House illustrates the importance of the Merrimack River in trade, commerce and travel.


Research Assistant

June 2018 - August 2018 Haverhill, MA
“I enjoyed the ability to look beyond the museum's materials and look at the Special Collections at the local library. By combining sources, as well as online sources, I was able to find material from various places and make connections.”
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