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About By the Book

In the past, God has raised up missions to serve his kingdom by putting Bibles into peoples hands; today, God has called our mission to serve His kingdom by putting books of the Bible memorized into people's hearts.

By the Book is a Christ-led start up dedicated to spreading God’s living, un-edited word through book scripture memorization. We are a tool enabling families to memorize and understand the Bible plain and simple; not dumbed down or sugar coated. We believe that God's pure word, has the power to transform lives and ground Christ’s church in solid doctrine through the Holy Spirit. We can’t see what’s coming next or God’s long-term plan for By the Book, but our only focus is to obey Christ with excellence in everything He has given us.


Creative Director

June 2020 - August 2020 Bellevue, WA
“I loved the experience working with By the Book last summer. It is a very unique internship, very Bible-focused, great tight-knight community. I've learned more in my time with By the Book than I have in years worth of school. It is real world experience on so many fronts. In addition, we did several hours of prayer and Bible study every day, and it was so amazing to see how Christ led everyone is! We have a lot of freedom as far as projects go, (definitely not a desk job - its a heart investment), and it is so satisfying to see our work directly enable kids to memorize a book of the Bible.”

Graphic Designer

May 2020 - August 2020 Bellevue, WA
“One of many best parts was getting to collaborate with other people. Studying the Bible together, researching and brainstorming not only put things into a perspective, but gave me something to "chew on" every single day. I got to use a lot of creativity and do hands on projects, which made me feel useful and made me look forward to do tasks I was given! This internship gave me a lot of opportunities to grow spiritually, emotionally and creatively! God is definitely at work through By The Book! ”
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