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About California State University, San Bernardino- Orientation and First Year Experience

Office of Orientation and First Year Experience is committed to providing programs and services that will aid and facilitate the transition of our new students and their family members into CSUSB. At every event we strive to make new students and their family members feel welcomed and appreciated, while promoting and exposing new students to the array of intellectual, cultural and social opportunities offered to them at CSUSB.


Orientation Leader

April 2019 - July 2019 San Bernardino, CA
“The amount of engagement I had with the students, along with how helpful I could be towards incoming college/transfer students. ”

Orientation Leader

December 2017 - September 2018 San Bernardino, CA
“My orientation leader experience was probably the best experience I’ve had in during the summer. I learned so much about leadership, public speaking, calming down stressed students and how to make connections. We had a team of around 50 leaders so we were one big happy family that were able to work together exceptional well. I was able to earn Rising Star( its awarded to the best first year Orientation Leader) because I was able to give my 110% with everything I did. I would rarely get called out because I was always on top of everything and was able to solve problems before I was told to solve them. One thing that’s cool about the award is that over half the Orientation team voted for me for the reward. Don’t forget we had around 50 OL’s. This summer experience helped me so much with my confidence that I was able to be more outspoken. It even helped me earn a supervisor job for Orientation this year. It’s called Student Orientation Coordinator( SOC for short) where we will take charge with recruiting new OL’s and being their mentors throughout spring quarter and summer break too. Orientation helped me grow a lot in a short amount and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
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