Cambridge BioMarketing

Design Intern

June 2019 • Oakland, CA

What I liked

Cambridge Biomarketing gave me a huge insight on life in an agency and taught me all the skills I needed to be successful as a designer. Everyone here makes you feel welcome, happy, and that your work matters. The environment is professional and you can tell that everyone here loves their job and wants to do their best for their team and the clients. You get to be challenged in so many different ways and you are always put on new and exciting projects for different clients, so you're always learning something new everyday. Since they work in the rare disease industry, you feel like your work is also impactful and you feel like you are making a difference with what you do.

What I wish was different

There wasn’t too much I would change to be honest, except maybe one meeting where we do a walk- through of the basics of the client process and of the acronyms and terms used, since that was super confusing in the beginning.


Be prepared to learn tons of healthcare terminology and acronyms (and write them down as you go!). Also asking questions is the key to success here! Everyone is super friendly so don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or ask about agency life itself. Also, take this opportunity at CB to learn how to task manage and schedule your time.
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