Camp Adventure

About Camp Adventure

Aimed at serving 1-8 grade students in the Tucson area, Camp Adventure provides an exciting, all day camp experience with a wide range of activities including swimming, archery, science, a tech lab, arts and crafts, music & dance, a game room with billiards and air hockey, and additional outdoor/indoor games. Camp Adventure has been serving the Tucson community for the past 50 years and hopes you will join us for a Summer to remember!


Camp Counselor

June 2019 - September 2019 Regen, Bavaria
“I enjoyed the staff. You get people all over the world working together at a small camp. You get really close and are able to share ideas and problems together. The challenge of also being in an environment where German is also spoken is exciting. I personally don't know German, but after working here for a few months I was able to pick up enough to communicate with kids whose English was limited.”
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