Camp Hazen YMCA

Camp Counselor

June - August 2019 • Chester, CT

What I liked

I have worked here for 3 summers (along with attending as a camper during my childhood) and I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Camp Hazen is such a stellar work environment with supportive and friendly staff. There was not one moment where I felt I was not a respected member of the team. If you are looking to work with kids in the camping industry, I would strongly recommend working at Camp Hazen!

What I wish was different


Make sure you make time for yourself to rest and recover. Working as a camp counselor, spending your days in the sun and on your feet can be exhausting, so make sure that your personal health is your first priority so that you can perform your job best. Days are long and days off are not long enough, but Hazen does a great job of accommodating your needs if you find yourself having a hard time, so long as you communicate it!
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