Camp Knutson

About Camp Knutson

Camp Knutson is a medically-sound residential camp for individuals with disabilities, medical conditions and other identified needs. We partner with other organizations to host camps for youth and adults with identified needs such as autism, heart disease, skin conditions, Down syndrome, burn survivors, HIV/AIDS and youth experiencing homelessness. Our beautiful, very updated 30-acre campus is nestled between the pristine waters of Lower Whitefish and Big Trout lakes in Crosslake Minnesota.


Summer Camp Program Specialist

May 2019 Ideal Township, MN
“Camp Knutson is the most fun, inclusive, inspiring place that you will ever work at! Camp resides on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by two bodies of water and a myriad of trees. Camp is a place that makes work feel nothing like a job, but just doing the activities you love. The other staff at Camp are some of the most amazing and hard-working individuals I have worked with. These staff are hand-picked, not only considering their experiences and their work ethic, but also their drive to serve campers, which creates an amazing staff dynamic. There is so much to learn throughout the summer, because each individual organization that attends Camp K has different needs and abilities. You meet so many different groups of amazing people who you will most likely remember forever. This job at Camp Knutson provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It allows you to step out of your box and have fun while also helping others have the greatest week of their summer. ”

Program Specialist

May 2019 - August 2019 Crosslake, MN
“My summer experience at Camp Knutson was truly inspiring. The staff at Camp K are some of the most intelligent and hard-working individuals you will ever encounter. Everyone working there has the interests of the campers they serve in mind at all times. Each camp offers a unique learning experience working with individuals with various identified needs. You learn how to work collaboratively with other staff to plan, organize, and implement the activities throughout the summer, and how to best adapt them for each camp. This job provides you with a unique experience to become educated, step out of your comfort zone, be challenged, and serve others in a way that allows you to be goofy, creative, and passionate in so many different roles. It is a life-altering experience that I feel so privileged to have had!”
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