Camp Starfish

About Camp Starfish

Camp Starfish is a not-for-profit residential camp which serves children between the ages of 6 and 16 who have emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges. Using a combination of traditional camp programs combined with an industry-unique one-to-one staff to camper ratio, we have created a different kind of place - one that meets the needs of children who have not been successful in other programs. Our campers experience success and fun at camp because of the individualized attention they receive from talented, creative, amazing staff.

Our campers – and staff – live in cabins, eat in the dining hall, swim in the lake, have fun during “free play,” participate in activities together, and build a camp community which is both similar to – and as unique as – other summer camps. The main thing is (as one of our Starfish Tools says), “We Come to Camp to Learn, Grow, and Have Fun.”

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Star Village Administrator

May 2022 - August 2022 Rindge, NH
“Camp Starfish is an amazing. For many of the campers, it is their favorite place on Earth, and the only place where they feel like they fit in and feel accepted. There is so much thought put behind everything we do, and as a result we are able to serve children and teens with a wide range of challenges. It's truly a rewarding experience to get to help make camp a safe and fun place for our campers, and to get to see the campers learn and grow throughout the session. It's also a great experience - especially if you want to go into Psychology or another similar field - but even if you don't. I'm a math major, but I gained tons of soft skills such as leadership, resilience, and thinking under pressure which have helped me land other jobs. The counselors and admins are in general super interesting people, and I made a lot of really good friendships with my coworkers.”

Camp Counselor

June 2022 - August 2022 Rindge, NH
“Fun activities, great co-workers, supportive management, great experience”
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