Camp Unirondack

About Camp Unirondack

In short, Unirondack is a non-profit summer camp nestled away in a beautiful corner of the Adirondacks. To many, however, it is so much more. Our goal is to tirelessly work to give summer campers, families, weekend groups, volunteers, and staff a place that is a politically righteous, emotionally intentional, and humbly aware of our own shortcomings. Unirondack is a place where we encourage all people to be their true selves and let the inner self come alive. We do this through direct conversation and community norms that raise up and empower traditionally underrepresented voices. Our camp leadership believes in holding ones self accountable for mistakes and being able to do that in a place that still makes room for those who make mistakes to grow and learn and that includes ourselves. We are queer-friendly, body positive, unapologetically feminist, fueled by compassion and hopeful for a better world that starts at Unirondack and carries far beyond the walls of our buildings and benches of our campfire circle. If self-exploration and learning sound like values that you’d like to see paired inseparably with laughing until your knees give out and crying through tears of joy, come see what we’re all about. We know we aren’t perfect, but we hold that truth as a reminder to always strive to work harder to go good camp.


Camp Counselor

June 2021 - August 2021 Lowville, NY
“Everyone is amazing - leadership, other staff, and campers. So much caring, compassion, and support from every angle. It's helpful for the purposes of the job, but it's also a valuable learning experience to see so much considering of the needs of others happening every moment of every day.”
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