Camp Voyageur

About Camp Voyageur

Established in 1951 in stark contrast to larger, corporate day camps that feature water slides and bubble blowing, Camp Voyageur is a rustic, family-owned camp with a traditional four-week program designed to cause boys age 10-18 to confront their self-concept and motivate them to explore and exceed what they thought were their limits. Confidence and independence come from this experience and it prepares them for life.

Camp Voyageur’s program offers boys a robust base camp routine of land and water sports, coupled with wilderness trips in the adjacent, two-million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the surrounding region. Kids grow strong in camp playing sports and making friends. In the surrounding lake country, they master wilderness skills. Eventually, teenagers can qualify for Advanced Trips and Expeditions which explore the Quetico Provincial Park, Isle Royale, Apostle Islands, and beyond.

Most staff live on the peninsula with kids in cabins separated by age. The cabins are basic but comfortable, and only a few steps away from restrooms, showers, a sauna, a basketball court, and the lake.

Staff get roughly one day off per week. We want our staff to be enthusiastic and recognize that some time off helps to rejuvenate the spirit. Staff often use their days off to check in with their families, catch up on social media, explore Ely and surrounding areas, swim, sauna, and nap.


Camp Counselor

June 2019 - August 2019 Mound, MN
“The interaction with kids and team atmosphere”
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