Camp Westminster

Camp Counselor

May - August 2021 • Conyers, GA

What I liked

I loved my coworkers and the outdoor working experience. Additionally, working with kids was an incredibly fun time and I grew a lot in my patience and dedication to my job. My bosses were very dedicated to their jobs and were very effective in their leadership. I felt like there was a support system for anything I needed.

What I wish was different

We were understaffed this summer and it resulted in conflict between the different positions at camp, as everybody felt unsupported. I wish more employees could have been found before the start of the summer. Additionally, I wish children could have had less social distancing to fully spend time with each other, but COVID-19 protocols were necessary for ensuring safety/


Whatever expectations you may have about the job, put them out of your mind. Working with kids is an amazing experience, but you cannot imagine how different the actual job is from the general conception. Learn how to flow with every struggle and you will find a lot of joy in the job.
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